♡ heroin and ziggy pop 🌴

I am 24 and I live in New Zealand. I am a Film Junkie and a Feminist. 1998 Trey Parker is my #1 Crush. I drink a lot of Diet Coke and I have two kitties named Neko and Naboo ♡. This blog contains a lot of crap like..

♡ film & pop culture
♡ americana & kitschy crap
♡ pools & palm trees
♡ sugar daddies
♡ makeup, tattoos & glamour
♡ animals
♡ matt stone & trey parker
♡ photography & art
♡ jesse pinkman / breaking bad
♡ other things..

Pro-feminism, Pro-choice, Body Positive
Anti-racism, Anti-transphobia, Anti-homophobia

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